Fifa club world cup 2018

The goals by Modric, Llorente, Ramos và a Nader own goal make Real Madrid the first club to win three Club World Cups in a row.

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Real Madrid retained the title of world champion. For the seventh time, The Whites reached the top of the footballing world thanks lớn their four Club World Cups (2014, năm 2016, 2017 and 2018) & the three Intercontinental Cups (1960, 1998 and 2002), something that nobody else has done. In Abu Dhabi they achieved a very difficult feat: for the first time in history, a team lifted this trophy three consecutive sầu seasons.The victory took place on the same stage as a year before, with the Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi as the venue for the semi-finals against Kashima Antlers (3-1) & the final against Al Ain (4-1). Balestarred in the first match with a spectacular hat-triông xã, while in the final Modric,LlorenteandRamoswere amongst the goals.

Bale, Club World Cup Golden Ball

The Welshman was recognised as the best player in the tournament. He scored three goals in this edition & in the final almost scored an overhead kiông chồng like the one against Liverpool in Kiev. He equalled Cristiano Ronaldo's record as top scorer in the history of the competition with six goals và also became one of the three players to have sầu scored a hat-triông xã in the Club World Cup.

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The MVP.. trophy in the final went to lớn Marcos Llorente. The youth-team graduate took control of the centre of the park and capped off a splendid tournament by scoring his first goal for Real Madrid at a key moment. Special mention too for Kroos, the only player who has been crowned five-times world champion, more times than any other team. And finally, Varane ended his unforgettable year on a personal màn chơi by becoming a double world champion.

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Ramos scored again in a final & lifted another trophy. He now has 10 as captain & đôi mươi altogether, just lượt thích Marcelo. For Solari, it was the first trophy as a coach & these were his words shortly after: "This title puts the finishing touch to lớn a wonderful period that we will try lớn continue. Winning 3 Champions Leagues and 3 Club World Cups will be difficult lớn repeat. This group of players & this club have sầu made history".

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