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No.2, 5A Street, Bien Hoa II Industrial Zone, Long Binc Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietphái nam
Mabuchi Motor has been, since the foundation, operating as a company specialized in the field of small direct current electric motors aiming, with a management principle of "Contributing to lớn international society and continuously increasing contribution" , Rated 3.5 based on 7 review.

Mabuđưa ra Motor has been, since the foundation, operating as a company specialized in the field of small direct current electric motors aiming, with a management principle of "Contributing khổng lồ international society và continuously increasing contribution" , at the realization of a fulfilling and enriching society and a society comfortable to lớn everyone through the supply of reasonable và high unique products.

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To accomplish corporate philosophy, they are making concerted efforts together to pursue the creation of both new application markets and unlimited business opportunities of small direct current electric motors & khổng lồ realize the creation with technical capabilities và wisdom accumulated.

Management Principle

The "Management principle" of Mabubỏ ra Motor encompasses the following beliefs:

Elevate cấp độ of contribution to lớn society và lớn persevere, as a prominent entity the world cannot bởi vì without.All members of the Mabubỏ ra Group shall participate in acts of philanthropy through their work.Achieve sầu growth as an individual, và a richness of the heart that is derived not solely through material wealth, but through the experience of caring for fellow human beings, Mother Nature, & all elements that sustain their lives.The "Management Principle" is not only a guide for running corporation but a ren to lớn be carried down lớn subsequent generations of the Mabubỏ ra enterprise.Management Policies

When a new "value" created through business activities is recognized và received by society, is when the fruit of contribution "profit," can be achieved. The management policies of Mabubỏ ra Motor act as a starting point for philanthropic activities as well as the healthy growth of business.

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Develop products that have flexibility in their application & consolidate the most appropriate production conditions.Strive khổng lồ improve sầu hàng hóa development based on value analysis and seek to originate interchangeable parts and materials.Realize cost reduction by using advanced processing technologies & by minimizing waste.Uncover new markets và secure fair market cốt truyện.Maximize each employee's potential và conduct employee education through appropriate job placement.Promote business activities that have sầu minimal negative sầu impact on the environment & that strictly abide by safety standards.To promote management policies và strategies that promise long và stable growth.Management Policies for Overseas OperationsTo promote co-existence và mutual prosperity on a long-term basis.Solidify the structure of international production lines that parallel the strengths of each branch, and preserve and exp& international competition.Promote the Mabuđưa ra corporate culture of philanthropy & tư vấn the transfer of knowledge & công nghệ.Mission - Common values will be shared among muốn Mabubỏ ra employees

In the 21st century, when the competitive sầu field will change dramatically, Mabuchi Motor promises lớn reinforce its value as a corporation & become a major enterprise for the world. To make this a reality, all employees must first understvà the true nature of their management philosophy, to become an internal force capable of empowering to lớn reach new heights. The "tasks" below show the common values for all Mabuđưa ra Motor employees. These tasks promote "self-development" and should be observed in difficult situations và when overcoming obstacles.

Participate in charitable activities through personal work and performance.Be fair & only with others, và tư vấn và cooperate with your employees.By considering your own personal role, understand who & what size of contribution is best.Building personal strength will become a source of charity. Continue to lớn build và cultivate this power.Independent excavation & excavation of new projects, challenging yourself lớn difficult and persistent tasks until success is achieved.

Training Employees who can Contribute to the Development of Society

Mabuchi Group hopes for all of its employees lớn "participate in the contribution lớn society through their work" & "have sầu enriched spirits that are not derived solely from material wealth." Mabubỏ ra is making efforts in employee training through the usage và work of the right type of employees in the right place. In making use of the present regional characteristics, along with strengthening competitive sầu edge in the market, company are also promoting the appointment of active local employees at overseas locations. Mabuchi is spreading its corporate culture, focusing on its contribution to lớn society, and through educating employees on a long-term basis, they are contributing to the development of a regional society.

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Mabuchi's employees are constantly working khổng lồ expand business activities on a global scale, in order to lớn realize management policy of “Contributing to lớn International Society and Continuously Increasing Contribution.” Company are looking for talented employees, regardless of country or region of origin, who are enthusiastic about using their skills khổng lồ provide chất lượng products to customers around the world.

Why Mabuchi?Global Opportunities: Mabuchi has branches across the globe, from Asia lớn Europe and North America. From their very first year at Mabuđưa ra, theri employees work not only at headquarters in nhật bản, but on a global scale to reach customers around the world.Constant Growth: Mabuchi has maintained a consistent business record for its entire 60-year history, và continues growing each year. As they continue expanding into lớn new markets for small motors, as well as new regions of the world, Mabuđưa ra employees have limitless opportunities to contribute to lớn that growth.Every Employee is Valued: Mabuchi values not only the growth of the company, but of each individual employee. Company provide many training opportunities for employees at all levels, and provide opportunities for all employees to voice their ideas.

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