Auto Touch Android Không Cần Root

If you are here, then you probably know what an tự động clicker tiện ích for Android is (with & without Root) và exactly why you need it. But in case someone stumbled upon this article and wondered what an tự động clicker for Android does, it’s an ứng dụng that automatically clicks on a point on the screen.An tự động clicker for Android may seem simple enough, but there’s a lot of thought behind almost all of them. They provide other useful automated functions such as image detection và button detection.

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Of course, these are all advanced features, & you may only need the auto-clicking function, which, of course, is readily available on all of these apps. People use these tự động hóa clickers for Android for numerous reasons, but they are mostly used for video clip game automation and sometimes for ad manipulation. You can practically automate any function that requires tapping.Related: Android trò chơi Hacks: Cheat, Free Premiums, Resources, and Lots MoreNo matter what your reason is, I put together a các mục of the best tự động clicker apps for Android that will make your life a lot easier. On top of that, these apps won’t require you lớn root your device. Doesn’t that make it even simpler?

Auto lớn Clicker for Android Without Root

To make sure that these apps will work on your Android device, go lớn Settings > Accessibility and enable permissions with the phầm mềm you want to use after downloading (although apps nowadays prompt you to give them access to your device automatically.)


Repeatedly clicking or tapping your screen for an extended period can be tiring. With Clichồng Assistant, you can automate this step and have extra time khổng lồ do other things.Unlike most tự động clicker apps for Android, Clichồng Assistant doesn’t only include cliông xã automation, it also features pinch và curved swipe automation as well. You can also phối the interval between these gestures, how long each tap will take, & modify the duration of the loop.
Clichồng Assistant interface
This ứng dụng is also user-friendly, & you don’t need to root your phone lớn use it. You can load, save sầu, và use scripts to automate your gestures. Clichồng Assistant also uses a floating control panel so that you can manage it while using other apps. This feature makes it easier lớn set-up pointer locations on precise locations within a game.
Using Click Assistant on Tap Titans
What I lượt thích with the Clichồng Assistant is its anti-detection feature. Although I’m not sure if it can bypass all games, you can enable this function to lớn click randomly on a radius that you can adjust.

Quickcảm biến is another auto clicker phầm mềm for Android that’s similar to the Cliông chồng Assistant. It also has a floating control bar, supports screen swipes, works on full-screen apps, & doesn’t require root access.While it doesn’t have many additional features, it performs its job of automating well. Whether if it’s a fast, delayed, or randomized tap, Quickcảm biến has you covered.
Also, you can tweak the app’s settings to start automatically with other apps that you have sầu. As long you have sầu your configurations ready, you won’t need to open Quickcảm biến unless you need to lớn change settings.
If you’re looking for simplicity, I recommover the Aukhổng lồ Clicker tiện ích. Whether its repeated clicks, multiple points, & different swipes, this app can handle all of that.With its simple và user-friendly interface, people won’t have a hard time setting up their configurations. More so, you can also mix up a global timer giving the tiện ích a specific duration to run.
For the Auto lớn Clicker tiện ích lớn work, you don’t need root access. Just make sure that you have at least an Android 7.0 and provide the phầm mềm with Accessibility permissions.
AutoInput is another auto clicker for Android that doesn’t need a rooted device to lớn work. However, there’s a catch. You’ll need Tasker installed on your device because this is just a plugin for that tiện ích.So to use this ứng dụng fully, you’ll need to lớn understvà different Tasker profiles & how they work. After downloading the two apps, go to Settings > Accessibilityenable AutoInput and Tasker.
Although Tasker isn’t không tính tiền, the good news is you can get a two week trial of the ứng dụng to try out this plugin. There is also a seven day trial for AutoInput, so you can make sure if this is what you need or not.Overall, the app plugin is getting a lot of praise from its users, and I’m sure you’ll lượt thích it as well. Although learning how to use AutoInput can be pretty tricky, once you get the hang of it, it is a powerful phầm mềm to use.
While Macrodroid isn’t precisely suitable for clicker games, it’s one of the easiest ways to lớn automate your tasks on your Android device. With just a few taps, you can automate your Wi-Fi, Data, profiles, & many more.With limitless scenartiện ích ios that you can automate, you’ll find this phầm mềm convincing once you get used khổng lồ it. The Macrodroid creates “macros” (step-by-step tasks) for a more efficient Android experience.
While Macrodroid offers different templates that you can choose from, you can also create personal models of your thiết kế. To start, you’ll first need to select a trigger for the macro to start with. Then, you need to select the actions that you’d want to lớn automate. Macrodroid has over a hundred recognizable actions that it can perkhung.

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Lastly, you can configure restraints to let the macro run whenever you want. This app provides you with over 50 constraints to operate và use.
This ứng dụng allows you to lớn string together different blocks on a flow chart to lớn achieve what you want. While it may be far from an tự động hóa clicker for Android, with just a few combos, you can easily make it one.Automate is useful with different functions on your phone, especially if you want to time the inputs or make a schedule that will activate precise clicks at a specific time. While you can easily set up your Android lớn automate certain things, you also quickly open apps và perkhung functions.
Doing this is a great way lớn start another app automatically and then implement a set number of actions with ease. One great thing about this phầm mềm is the complete absence of ads, và the premium version only unlocks the use of more than 30 blocks, which I think is more than generous.
Like its name, this phầm mềm lets you automate your Android device. But unlike the other apps I mentioned above sầu, Droid Automation doesn’t use flowcharts to display what you want to automate. It’s not an tự động clicker for Android, but you can make it function like one.
To start, you need to lớn create a protệp tin. After selecting specific triggers & tasks & configuring them, that’s it, và you’re good to go.
With its user-friendly interface, the app isn’t tricky khổng lồ operate. With a massive selection of tasks và triggers that you can configure, there are unlimited possibilities on what you can automate. While Android Automation is entirely free, you can buy the premium version khổng lồ have more features.
What’s impressive with E-Robot is the numerous functions that it can modify and operate. With over 170 events and 150 actions that you can edit, the possibilities are endless.Whether you want khổng lồ run apps on different locations, Wi-Fi networks, or time, E-Robot can handle all of that easily. If you’re worried if it can run efficiently, there’s a screen where you can kiểm tra its performance.
The tiện ích doesn’t require much of your resources since it can run on Android 4.0 and above sầu. E-Robot can also run Javascript & 3rd các buổi party support such as profile activation, action plugins, và Ipaông chồng icons.
Auto lớn clickers are software or apps that can automate different functions such as clicking or tapping. While most of these apps tư vấn automatic clicking, swiping, and gestures, some uses triggers & events to lớn automate the device.
Since these apps automate your clicks, you’ll need it lớn give sầu permissions to bởi vì so. You’ll need lớn go khổng lồ your Accessibility settings and authorize the tiện ích from there.
Most people use simple tự động hóa clickers to automate games on their device that requires repeating clicks. Some apps provide more features like triggers, actions, and conditions to automate.

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These were some of the best automation apps và tự động hóa clickers for Android. They’re not perfect, but they’ll get the job done for you. Find the one that best suits your needs.Although some of these apps are quite tricky to lớn learn, they can be powerful tools to lớn use once you get the hang of it. Whether you need lớn tự động hóa click in games, or automate certain functions, these apps can get you the job done.If you have any suggestions or questions, be sure khổng lồ let us know in the comments section below!

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